Improvement, growth and loyalty through feedback.


  • Independent/Private Schools - students, parents, alumni, prospects, faculty & staff


  • Small-to-mid-sized businesses


  • Entrepreneurs


KiQ Partners is a customer feedback company that facilitates growth and improvement in the Independent/Private school space and among small-to-mid-sized businesses.

KiQ for Schools


We facilitate growth and improvement in Independent Schools through highly customized and effective feedback programs. Our goal is to help schools improve the application pool, the admissions process, alumni involvement/endowment, and the day-to-day student, parent, faculty and staff experience.
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KiQ for Small-to-Mid Sized Businesses


Most purchase decisions are made based on information found online. So we focus on two key areas to help build your business: Utilize current content about Digital Storefront and Customer Feedback and Reviews.


Your Digital Storefront


  • Designing and developing a website that invites customers.
  • Creating a brand identity/logo that elevates your company’s profile
  • Integrating your website, social media pages and review sites so all of your digital assets are unified.

Customer Feedback and Reviews


  • Encouraging the effortless posting of positive customer reviews on your testimonials page, your social media pages (Facebook, Google Business), and review sites that are critical to your business.


  • Heading-off poor reviews before they are published on review sites. Turning a negative customer experience into a positive one.


  • Activating your loyal customers.


  • Increasing positive word-of-mouth and reviews so your customers become your most effective marketing source.

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